All Female Classic Fitness Model Winner

Hey-Hey, Let me introduce to you a very dear client, Caroline Hutchinson. Caroline had a very specific goal in mind; “win the All Females Classic Fitness Modelling division”. She wanted to share her story and experience training…Read More

Thank You for the Seminar – Alexandra Large

Last week we ran a jam-packed two day seminar event in Melbourne. The goal with each seminar is to create a paradigm shifting experience for the participants. Below is an email (used with permission) from Alexandra Large…Read More

Blogging; Today it means something

It’s been way too long between blogs, that’s my bad. But on the plus side, at least I’m not blogging for the hell of it. I like to blog when it actually means something… And today it…Read More

Eat Your Way To Abs RESULTS

Email from attendee at Eat Your Way To Abs, 24th November 2011 Hi Mark, Just wanted to say thank you again for pointing me in the right direction with nutrition, I have attached a picture to show…Read More

You taught me a LIFESTYLE!

From my records, it looks like my 6 month program is up. I wanted to thank you for the great work you have done in putting together a wonderful program. From the eating to the workout programs…Read More

12 months on… Still on track!

Email from another satisfied customer: “Just wanted to update you, 12 months on, after a few ups and downs, I am finally maintain my health and fitness to a level I am VERY VERY happy with. I…Read More

Why I do what I do…

Yesterday I was reminded; Why I do what I do. I received a very lovely facebook message from Jasmine Sioukas, who basically read Eat Your Way To Abs (which is free btw) and applied its message. You…Read More