Personalised Program Design

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Let’s face it…
Cookie-cutter, generic training and nutrition programs suck.

You know the ones?

  • 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps…
  • 3 sets of 4 to 6 reps…
  • Eat 6 meals a day…
  • Have a shake in between meals…
  • Don’t eat carbs after 4 pm…

Boring, Boring, Boring!

Not only are they boring, but they also leave a lot on the table in terms of results. They are based on half-truths that the industry relies on to sell products and keep you chasing a carrot like a donkey.

To get the kind of result you want…

(And I mean head-turning, jaw-dropping, eye-gawking kind of results. . .)

It is MANDATORY that you have a properly planned training and nutrition program tailored to suit your individual needs.

Anything less and you’re not maximising your results. It’s real simple.

If you are serious about competing or becoming the best trainer you can be, you need to learn from the best.

My results do speak for themselves. Trained a Ms Olympia, 2-time Ms Australia and a 2-time Mr Australia and of course, helped MANY, MANY natural competitors, models and personal trainers not only reach their goals, but exceed their own expectations. You can see them below or check out success stories.

As Jim Rohn says, “You’re a product of the five closest people to you”. So I welcome you to come learn from me.

I know that if you implement what I teach you, you will be on your way to achieving your goal faster, more effectively and with much less physical and mental stress.

If you’re a trainer, your client’s results depend on you. Learn from me today and get the knowledge to transform you and your client’s physiques.

So how do I get started?

You have three options:

  • Personalised Training Program
  • Personalised Nutrition and Supplement Regime
  • The Works, Personalised Nutrition, Supplement and Training program

All Options Are 12 Weeks:

As a bonus, all three-month programs come with my Alpha Body and Truth About Supplements eBooks

Personalised Training Program

Get a training Program by the best. Customized and tailored to met your unique individual needs. 12 week plan broken down into blocks to optimise results. (Note: Australia’s spell optimise with an S).

The Works, Personalised Nutrition, Supplement and Training program

Includes, 12 week training program broken down into blocks,

Eating plan and nutritional review,

Shopping guide and guidelines

Specific supplement protocol to optimise results

3 X 30 minute phone call

Email access and support – (generally we get back to emails in 24 hours)

Who is this for?

  • Personal trainers
  • Figure models
  • Sports models
  • Natural bodybuilders
  • Natural physique competitors
  • Serious trainers
  • Males and females
  • People who want to lose the last 3 to 5 kilos (or 5 to 10 pounds)
  • People who want to burn fat safely and effectively
  • People who want to build lean muscle
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Gym junkies

Who is this NOT for?

  • People with serious conditions or diseases
  • Newbie diabetics
  • During, pre or post Pregnancy
  • People not willing to change what they are doing
  • People with bad attitudes
  • Vegetarians
  • People who want to ‘bulk’. I don’t believe in bulking. It’s an excuse to gorge and it’s unhealthy both physically and mentally
  • People who can’t commit to training at least four days a week
  • Unmotivated people
  • Under the age of 18

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I only want to train twice a week, can you plan a program for me?

Sorry, you must be able to train at least four times a week. Why?

Because that’s the minimal requirement to get results.

2. What if I don’t know the exercises on the program?

I have stacks of tutorial exercise demos on YouTube for you to look though. Many of them can be found in under the Library tab under the training section. If for some reason I don’t have a video to an exercise, I will either make it or send you a link to a video that explains it.

3. I want to start your program now, but in two months I’m going away.

No problem, you can suspend your program for up to three months.

4. Will you call or email to motivate me and keep me on track?

No. I will write out and carefully design your program and answer your questions. However you must be self-motivated to train hard. If you email me questions, you will always get an answer. However please remember I’m not a ‘life-coach’.

5. So while on this program can I email you?

Yes, within reason.

6. Can I call you?

If you have an issue that requires a call, please email to book an appointment. Calls are accepted through appointments only.

7. Will you help me compete?

Yes – without a doubt.

8. I’m a vegetarian; can you help me with diet?

I am not an expert on vegetarian bodybuilding. So no, I cannot help you with diet. But I can help you with a training program and supplements. I would also advise you read The Vegetarian Myth by Lierrie Keith.

9. Do I need access to a gym for your training programs?

Not necessarily. You will need access to dumbbells, barbells and a bench at the minimum. It depends on your set-up. I have written program for many at-home gym users in the past.

You can email me at [email protected] with a complete list of what you have.

The most important thing is that you train at least four days a week.



In my journey to winning the Ms Olympia title I never doubted my commitment, but I knew I needed some expert advice for the best way to train to achieve the winning physique.

With so many personal trainers out there, I wanted someone that knew how to train a champion and not just train someone to lose weight or change their shape a little. I am a very self motivated person, so I did not look for the person to offer the encouragement or the nudge to get to the gym, (although I know Mark would do that if that is what I needed), I wanted the person that could guide and coach me to achieve my goal of Ms Olympia and undoubtedly give me the ‘champions edge’.

Then I found Mark. His expert guidance gave me clarity in my training program and showed me the most effective supplements and nutrition for my goals. He pushed me beyond my limits to achieve my goals and never once did I question him. I had total confidence in his ability to train me.

This has made all the difference. With Mark’s help I reached the pinnacle in my recent Ms Olympia win and I feel on the top of the world! Thank you for everything.


INBA Ms Olympia and 2 time Ms Australia

1st ANB Women’s Physique U52Kg Vic Titles Oct 06

1st ANB Women’s Physique U52Kg Melb Titles Mar 07 and Overall Winner

1st INBA Figure Champion and Overall winner for Melb Titles March 07

1st ANB Figure Champion and Overall winner for Vic Titles Oct 07

1st INBA All Female Show and Overall Winner July 08


Before starting with Marks online training I could only do 3 body weight chin ups. In 4 months I was able to do 8 full chin ups and 1 chin up with 12.5 kilos attached to my waist ( when I never have used extra weights before. I train so much more consistently when my programs are coming from someone I can trust!

As a BioSignature Practitioner in Finland there are not a whole lot of other practitioners to get ideas and feedback from. I found Marks suggestions in regards to supplements both interesting and very effective.

Anne Hämäläinen
Optimal Performance Oy


A good trainer is someone who understands their clients’ needs – who understands that they will never know everything and someone who is constantly looking at how to improve their knowledge and methods. A good PT needs to show that their methods work by producing RESULTS.

Mark has produced champion after champion, successful weight loss with client after client – practical real world results – confirming that Maximus Mark is one of the leaders in the fitness industry.

George Mariolis – owner of Definition Exercise and Training Headquarters


Since listening to Mark’s advice, about supplementation truth and nutrition…I have built muscle like never before…I have also dropped to my ideal weight and stayed there even when I didn’t train for a week on holidays…and I can lift so much more…eating and supplementation used to be a challenge for me…because I would read so much conflicting information….now it’s a mystery no more. Thank you Mark for your dedication to providing the real information for people.

John Anderson


It’s always important to seek out expert advice in any field to maximize your potential. You’ll find that those who have achieved the greatest success are the ones who have sought out a mentor. Starting off personal training, I had no idea how to train probably and run a successful business. It proved a very wise move to seek out a teacher (Mark Ottobre) who had had great success in this particular endeavour. He taught me all I needed to know about business, but his teachings extended far beyond that. He has brought my training to new levels, so if you’re an athlete expect to experience dramatic improvements in your sporting pursuits. It’ll blow your mind. If you want to be your best, seek out the best. Mark Ottobre will open up for you a world of potential, you didn’t even know existed.

Andrew Rudakov

Personal Trainer and Champion Natural Bodybuilder


Before I started training and dieting properly for my bodybuilding competitions I wasn’t really sure of how to approach it, as there was so much information out there in terms of supplements, training techniques and dieting. When I decided to see Mark a few months before competition he set me straight and told me how it would be. With a proper diet, intense training program and good supplement guide, I was on my merry way to success in October.

I have just finished competing in the INBA and ANB natural bodybuilding competitions and finished in 1st place for both competitions in the junior divisions. I also won best posing routine for the INBA, and “best legs” for the junior and overall competition in the ANB show.

Training with and getting advice from Mark was the best decision I ever made. As I said he set me on the right path to success, and now and world’s my oyster. I am heading to the nationals in the Gold Coast for the INBA and to Sydney for the ANB nationals. I owe a huge thanks to Mark, and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to achieve results, look what I did!!!!!

Tristan Boyce

2 time Mr Austrlalia

Mr. Junior Victoria for INBA and ANB Oct 2008


My husband Mick & I have always been addicted to fitness and weight training and have been doing a variety of programs for over 25 years. We were so passionate about what we and the fitness industry could do for other people we decided the next stage of our life was to become qualified personal trainers, which then led to the opening of our own Fitness Centre. The first year of operation saw our business winning the 2007 Small Business Award for Health and Fitness and we are still going strong. Never wanting to stand idle last year we made a life style choice to enter our first body building comp. So off we went searching to find out how to go about it. Our first trainer was very supportive and directed us in diet and training…but it was still not what we where looking for.

Then…..we found Maximus Mark. An enthusiast, knowledgably and dedicated trainer. Mark provided a full program that had all the necessary ingredients to prepare ourselves for our first Body Building Comp. Mark’s program provides sound nutrition advice ensuring that your body is well nourished and fuelled up for some gruelling training session’s. The training programs that Mark has provided both of us with, has transformed our bodies beyond our expectations and we are continuing to get stronger and leaner each week.

The information Mark provided was always very educational and suit us to the ground, as we always want to know why we are doing what we are doing. The training program is changed every 4 weeks and is always more challenging and exciting. A big plus is that Mark is always there, by phone or email to answer any questions.

We have also made some changes in the way that we train our clients all thanks to Mark and his training programs. We hit the stage in our first comp on the 16th of May 2010 at Castle Hill and feel 100% prepared thanks to Mark.

Colleen and Mick Cutts


I’m a single mum of 4 little ones and I don’t have an endless supply of money (or time) to spend on supplements and training. I need things that work fast and things that can fit into my budget. The very first time I met Mark he got rid of the useless supplements I was using – and this actually caused me to drop 2 kilos within a week! Saving me money and getting me the results I was after. I would highly recommend his training and methods!”



Its been nearly 6 months now since I signed up to the mentoring program and I just thought I’d let you know how much I have improved since then…

Not only am I stronger, bigger, leaner etc, but for me the biggest improvement has been my knowledge with both training and diet/supplementation and also dealing with social pressures.

For example, I remember this time last year, before I enrolled in the program, attending Christmas lunch with all the family, all I could think about was digging into all the traditional Greek food- having an hour or so break and then ripping into all the deserts later. But I overcame the social pressure and I just ate a plate of chicken and salad, together with my almonds and vitamins. All my cousins were laughing at me, saying “as if your not going to eat what u want on Christmas day, come on just have some it wont kill you.” Anyway that whole day all I could think about was the food on the table, how much I’d love a piece of this or a slice of that etc…..

Now 12 months later, after 6 months on your mentoring program, to be honest with you I’m not even the slightest bit tempted to eat any of the food at today’s BBQ, nor do I care anymore what people think of my decisions to be healthy. Sure I could stuff my face on Christmas day, but these days I decide when I’m going to eat crappy foods and on my terms!

Another example is just last night, I went out clubbing with friends, I hadn’t had a drink in about 5 weeks so I thought why not I’d have a few drinks with some mates. So I ordered a grey goose with mineral water and fresh lime (my favorite drink). To be honest with you it wasn’t going down that well. Nevertheless I finished my first drink before being shouted another. Now at this stage I was half way through my second drink and it still wasn’t going down well. Then I started thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing? I’m not even enjoying this drink, why am I even drinking? I’m only going to feel like shit the next day. So I said stuff it, I put the drink down and went and grabbed a bottle of water from the bar, lol.

This improvement I honestly believe is a credit to you and your mentoring program. Without your support I honestly believe I wouldn’t have broken through the plateau I reached 6 months ago before contacting you, and for that I’d really like to thank you and just let you know how much I appreciate it.




I was probably at the lowest of lows in my entire life when I went to see Mark about getting fit and training. I laughed a little when I first met him as he was more keen than I was too get myself fit, and from this I knew Mark wouldn’t lie to me and he’d actually look after me with his life changing program.

I was actually surprised about what Mark said to me the first time we spoke, he overloaded my brain with information such as what to eat, how often to eat, when it’s best to train, how to space out exercises, etc. Instantly in the first week I lost 4 kilos and was waking up at 5am without an alarm clock which I couldn’t believe.

Their were times were I had enough or nothing left but Mark was there to keep me going which nobody else has ever done for me. As for today, from what Mark has taught me, I will never go back to the negative habits of bad eating and no exercise as Mark has also changed my attitude towards life permanently!

Thanks Mark! You’re the Champion of Champions!


Mark with what you have taught me and shown me over the short time I have known you has been inspirational. You changed the way I look at life, your attitude to negativity, how to turn a negative into a positive, you have been a inspiration to me, it has been this inspiration that makes me dig deeper for the things I want in life.

Failure is not a option.

Thank you for all the motivation that you have given me
Dennis Newham – Victoria



I met Mark when I studied at the AIF and I knew there was something different about him. He seemed logical and abstained from the general fitness approach that you see everywhere.

I began learning from Mark in June 2010; since then my training principles and nutrition have excelled. I weighed 69kg back then, now I weigh just under 80kg. I can also lift a hell of a lot more with correct technique. Mark has taught me skills I will remember for life and can include to enhance my well being. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn more about their physical capabilities or how to train/eat properly for significant gains.

Thanks again Mark you are a light in the midst of darkness that is the fitness industry.”


Sam Sanders

Qualified Personal Trainer




Mark not only works in the fitness industry, he lives there. Continually seeking self-development in all aspects of muscle building (aspects many people may not even consider), Mark is innovative, articulate and cutting-edge.

If it’s results you’re looking for then I can certainly vouch for that. When I began working with Mark I could bench-press 22.5-25 Kg dumbbells and I now do the same exercise with 35-37.5kg weights. I have gone from dead lifting 100kg 5 weeks ago to 140kg now. And if I could accurately and succinctly measure my stamina I would convey to you that I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was before.

But as I alluded to before it is the mental toughness, motivation and passion for fitness which Mark has instilled in me that is his greatest achievement.

Ben Lant






I started training with Mark in January of 2009 and started getting results that I only had dreamed about. I’d been in and out of gyms for 7 years as your average off the street person and had numerous trainers, which saw me getting the same results time and time again. With Mark’s training and guidance I was able to fix my diet, train harder and get the results I dreamed about.

I’d always wanted to compete as a bodybuilder and with Mark as my mentor I was able to achieve this dream and get 5th in the INBA for Australia.

Regardless of what your goals are, if your serious about achieving them then Mark is the personal trainer for you as his knowledge and training will make you achieve them.

Aidan Guyett




This is why you should never fall prey to the lie of impossible.

I had been training since my teens. I always had good discipline and wanted to get the most out of my time in the gym. I was always a little on the heavy side and like a lot of guys, I focused on “bigger is better”. I wanted to be cut and have a good six-pack but a lot of trainers would say “You can’t fight genetics” or would give me programs which didn’t result in any significant difference in my body.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, over the course of about a year and a half, I’ve lost 15 kilos, dropped from size 34 pants to 30 and achieved some fantastic results. I’m now living the life as a model in Las Vegas and my happiness and confidence have grown exponentially. I really have to thank MaXimus Mark Ottobre- for being my mentor and allowing me to achieve this.

The information I received from him on dieting alone is priceless and made a world of difference. The best thing about my change is that its all been natural, without and diuretics or even binge dieting. Its a lasting lifestyle change so I don’t have to go on a crazy diet for a photo shoot. Mark is so different from the majority of personal trainers in that he is always giving you good information focused on getting results rather than giving as little info as possible so that you have to book more sessions with him. Also I love that he’s dedicated to continuously improving his knowledge and not afraid to say he was wrong and now found a better way. If someone like me who only goes to the gym 4 times a week for a couple of hours can have such great results, it proves that anyone not just the body builders can do it! Plus he’ s successfully coached Mr and Ms Australia to winning titles and many more than I can name. So sign up for the best instruction in health, strength, and aesthetics you’ll get anywhere for the best value and BE ALPHA!




In just over one month of proper diet and training with Mark I was able to completely transform my body. The amount of knowledge and passion he entails is incredible. I started at 9.6% body fat and had 71.4 kilos of lean muscle. After exceptional diet and supplementary advice I got to 7.3% body fat and 73.5 kilos of lean muscle, this was while dieting and from 24/2 till 29/3.. so this happened in a month! Although the training and dieting was difficult and did require a lot of dedication, it was all worth the journey. If you are serious about training and reaching your goals I highly recommend getting in contact with Mark.

Jarrod Boyce




I first went to see Mark just under four months ago with the intention of competing in my first bodybuilding show. Although I had some training experience I had little idea about the diet, supplementation and training required for contest preparation. Mark’s expertise in these areas proved invaluable, and in a relatively short amount time I was able to make dramatic changes to my body

When I first saw Mark I weighed 94kg, 14 weeks later at the weight of 78kg I am significantly stronger, healthier and have just recently placed 3rd in the ANB junior titles. Mark has also acted as a very positive mentor for me, offering me advice and inspiring me to achieve my goals whilst developing as an individual.

Whether you are a person looking to improve general health and wellbeing or a competitive bodybuilder or athlete looking to improve performance, I strongly recommend investing in Mark’s services.

Erros Chiodo – Champion Bodybuilder and Amateur Strongman




The first time I met Mark was during my Personal Training course at AIF, he was a lecturer there. Mark was down to earth in his approach and gave me a sense of confidence that he really knew what he was talking about and was extremely knowledgeable. I knew that he was a trainer who practiced what he preached. He showed me that he was serious about training.

So I decide I would contact Mark for one-on-one training. He has helped me in many ways. From dietary advice and guidance, to challenging, enjoyable training. I had been training for years and was getting bored with the usual gym machine workouts. He gave me the variety that I was looking for and I look forward training with him every week. I really like doing the “Strong Man” exercises as it gives me a sense of challenge and accomplishment. I like that even though I’m a girly girl I can still do it.

It took me a while to actually follow all of his advice. I have to admit to not following the dietary advice AND funnily enough, when I did that along with my training my results were awesome!! I feel great and know now that I look great too.

I would like to thank Mark for helping me in the last year. I have loved my training and have a lot of respect for him. He has shown me how to look after myself properly and for that I am more than thankful! I am a healthy, strong and confident thanks to him.

Rhiannon Reed




Mark coached me on my diet and supplements and developed a training program specific to the needs of my body. In just 6 weeks I dropped from 15.5% to 10.2% body fat and gained 2 kilos of lean muscle. I also came runner up in the INBA Sports-model Competition

I call mark the Dr of Fitness, he has incredible insight and a real passion and love for what he does. I feel myself getting fitter and stronger each and everyday and have had a huge success in such a short space of time, thank you Mark, you are a champion!

Carly Smith – Sports Model



Jen before

Photo by Zaharoula Photography

Jen after

Sancho Before

Sancho After

Aidan Before

Aidan 2010

Tom Before

Tom After

Evan Before

Evan After

Erros Before

Erros After

Back Before

Back After

RhyFront before

Front Before

Front After

Janet Kane

2 X Ms Australia and INBA Ms Olympia

Carley Smith

Carley, Sports Model


Zac and Mark

Mark and Seb Melbourne Personal Training

2 X Time Mr Australia, Tristan Boyce

Jarrod Boyce

Gym Owners, Mick & Colleen

Gym Owners, Mick & Colleen

Aidan, Mark & Tristan