Lat Pull Down

Today’s video teaches a fairly basic exercise that is performed incorrectly due to a number of reasons. In this video I explain the importance of keeping your scapula tight (this is something that is wash over a…Read More

No Money Stretch

In this clip I demonstrate the “no money” stretch. This is great for loosening up your scapula before training chest, back or shoulders. Remember to keep your elbows in tight to your body. If you are really…Read More


Today I show you an exercise that was first introduced to me by Canadian strength coach, Clarke Flynn. Garhammers are a great ab exercise, perform them at high reps keeping your body as still as possible. Try…Read More

Lat Raises

Mark demonstrates and explains how to perform lat raises. In this clip Mark talks about the important principles to remember whilst performing this exercise. Suggested sets and reps: 3 to 4 sets of anywhere from 8 to…Read More

Max Chin Up

Today’s video is of me doing one arm chin ups. This is my one and only circus trick (if you can call it that). I don’t recommend doing these, trying these or even training for these. I…Read More

Fat Gripz

In this video Mark talks about how much he loves Fat Gripz! Fat Gripz are easy to use and add another dimension to your training. Fat Gripz really make your hands and forearms work harder. Great for…Read More

Scapula Control

Mark shows you a simply drill to learn (and perhaps teach others) how to control your scapula during exercise. Imagine hooking your shoulder blades down and in to your underpants whist sticking your chest up to the…Read More

Tricep Push Down (Keep your wrists square!)

In this video Mark goes through the finer points of a tricep push down. Other points to remember, don’t lean over the weight, stand erect using your abs to brace your body. DON’T ROUND YOUR SHOULDERS, keep…Read More

Arnold Press (Arnie Press)

The Arnold Press is one of my favorite exercises for the shoulders. I prefer to do them without back support. Stabilise your body and shoulders through the whole range of movement. Don’t cheat, control the movement up…Read More

Prowler Runs

Mark and Chris doing Prowler Runs. Nothing fancy about a Prowler. Just load it up and push it! The Prowler is a great piece of equipment for conditioning and burning body fat. PS. Subscribe to the Newsletter

Zottman Curls

Mark shows you how to perform a Zottman Curl. This is a great exercise for your biceps and forearms. Perform with a controlled tempo – suggested: 30X1 Suggested sets and reps: Anywhere from 6 to 12 reps…Read More