Kettlebell Training

Guest Article by Mike Mahler Mike Mahler is THE kettlebell guy. Considered one of the worlds leading authorities on the topic, I thought it would be a good idea to get his thoughts about kettlebell training….Read More

The Alpha Body – (Reach Your Goals)

Would you like me to help you structure your training, diet and supplement plan? I can do this all for you without breaking the bank or having to travel to come see me… When I was eighteen,…Read More

Training Diary -19th of Feb 11

Saturday the 19th of February 2011 Today we did a serious amount of stones. You know the ones? Here’s a video of the first time I tried them: No one was keeping tabs, but we spent at…Read More

News Years Kick Start!

Watch this quick 2:16 video: Order now Hey guys, Here’s the first real post back after a wild 2010! And guess what? It only gets better! The reason its taken a little time to send this…Read More

Standing Calf Raise

For many people calf training is an after thought. If you don’t want to be embarrassed wearing shorts or want to look even better in that pair of high heels, train your calfs! Mark

Smith Machine

Ok, ok, MAYBE in this video I go a ‘little’ over board.. However I will say that the Smith Machine is the most over-rated piece of equipment in the gym. Why people start workouts with it is…Read More

Leg Day – A Lesson in Self-Talk

By MaXimus Mark Its Leg day.. again! Yay! Whoopy, a chance to test my true strength. I feel like shit, I cant be arsed, I feel like going home, I ask myself, “why do it to yourself?”…Read More

Front Squats

Today I discuss front squats and the differences in the set-up. I refer to the two styles as the “olympic” set up and the “bodybuilders” set up. When squatting, do control the weight down and exploded up….Read More

Donkey Calves Raise

George Mariolis from Definition Training Headquarters taught me this exercise. Its a great exercise to work the calves and hit them from a different angle. Tip for training calves… Train them with a set tempo, example, 2…Read More

Barbell Bicep Curl

In this video I explain the fundamentals of performing a Barbell Bicep Curl… Simple I know, but you would be surprised at the additional points I cover to maximise muscle stimulation and effectiveness. PS. Sign up to…Read More