5 Things I Learnt About Training Last Year

5 Things I Learnt About Training Last Year By Erros Chiodo  1. Deadlifts Rule! If you have been to any decent gym in your city you have probably seen someone perform a deadlift, but not necessarily well!…Read More

Tough Mudder Training Tips (Melbourne)

These were the fitness entry requirements for Tough Mudder 10km run 25 push ups 6 pull ups 45 metre swim Sweeeet!! I’m in!! I probably need to increase my running sessions but otherwise I should get through….Read More

The History of Bodybuilding with Randy Roach

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arthur Jones, Steroids and lots of Muscle! Some would call it the “Golden Age of Bodybuilding” In this Podcast Randy Roach and I discuss the history of bodybuilding. Randy is the author of Muscle, Smoke…Read More

Caveman Diet For Long, Healthy & Radiant Life!

With Dr Art De Vany, AKA. Superman’s slight fitter granddad and author of The NEW Evolution Diet Download the full audio here: Eat Like A Caveman! Right click and select save link as to download to your…Read More

Fat Burning Workout Routine!

Recently, I had three sports-modelling competitors signed up to my online program called The Works! The all asked basically the same question, “I need a training program that burns fat!” (After the nutrition related questions, of course!)…Read More