Andrew Moloney and I feature on Max’s Muscle TV

Recently, myself and client, Australian Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Andrew Moloney featured on Max’s Muscle TV. With a strong focus on mobility, this is not your average strength and conditioning workout, but is a must watch for trainers…Read More

Janet & I feature on Max’s Muscle TV

Recently, Janet and I featured on Max’s Muscle TV. Tune in to watch as I take Janet through a high volume leg session. This workout aims for maximal hypertrophy with eight exercises, four rounds and minimal rest between…Read More

Deconstructing the worlds most successful strength coach, Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin. Internationally renowned strength coach, teacher and mentor to thousands of strength coaches and personal trainers around the world and todays guest on my podcast show. My first meeting  with Charles was when I was fifteen-sixteen,…Read More

Behind the Competitor with Janet Kane

This year, Janet Kane has exceeded all expectations! Winning her division at Tony Doherty’s FitX in Melbourne, she then went on to dominate at the IFBB Australasian Championships in Sydney. People remarked on Janet’s condition, quoting ‘it…Read More

What To Do When You Hit a Plateau

Q: Hey Mark, my body fat is still sitting at 18%. I’m making no progress! What should I do? A: That’s an interesting question… One that I always start with, tell me a little bit about where…Read More

Brain Picking with Derek Woodske – World Class Strength Coach (Required listening for trainers and strength coaches)

I have had the pleasure of not only being taught by Derek Woodske, but have also had the pleasure (and pain) of being trained by him. I achieved this deadlift training under Derek’s guidance;  (235 kilos, 205kg…Read More