How to stop feeling guilty about food.

Q: “I feel really guilty about eating certain foods. What should I do?” A: Guilt is the worst emotion when it comes to food. Why? Because if you eat something when you’re guilty what do you do?…Read More

Should Drugs Be Decriminalised?

Why does everyone care so much about two drug dealers? Just because they are “Australian’- like somehow that means its important? Got me thinking…. Better question to ask, should drugs be decriminalised? A conversation with a friend/top…Read More

There is No Such Thing as Making It.

The one thing I have learnt about ‘making it’… There is no such thing. Only higher levels of chaos and order. Sorry if that doesn’t fit your hedonistic idealisms. For every time you make it, you can…Read More

Thoughts This Australia Day…

I grew up in a primary school were Ibrahim was a common name and new parents off the boat tried adapting their kids names to Western Culture by naming their kids after popular movies. I remember a…Read More

Why I’ll never tell my kid wrestling is fake

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to WrestleMania!! The showcase of the immortals! Do you remember when you were a kid? How you looked at the world in wonderment. Everything seemed to be so amazing and unbelievable. I remember…Read More

Andrew Moloney and I feature on Max’s Muscle TV

Recently, myself and client, Australian Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Andrew Moloney featured on Max’s Muscle TV. With a strong focus on mobility, this is not your average strength and conditioning workout, but is a must watch for trainers…Read More

Janet & I feature on Max’s Muscle TV

Recently, Janet and I featured on Max’s Muscle TV. Tune in to watch as I take Janet through a high volume leg session. This workout aims for maximal hypertrophy with eight exercises, four rounds and minimal rest between…Read More