Best Supplements Your Not Taking (Part 2)

Best Supplements Your Not Taking (Part 2 of The Truth About Supplements eCourse) By Maximus Mark What are the best supplements that you’re NOT taking? Find out here in class 2: Supplement Smart, Maximus Mark The Truth…Read More

Supplements are expensive urine? (Part 1)

Supplements are expensive urine? As the late, great Robert Crayhon would say… I want the most expensive urine money can buy! Here’s something I put together when I was in Thailand: It’s part one of my 4-part…Read More

INBA Ms Olympia, Janet Kane

In my journey to winning the Ms Olympia title I never doubted my commitment, but I knew I needed some expert advice for the best way to train to achieve the winning physique. With so many personal…Read More

Jenny – (Mum of 4!)

I’m a single mum of 4 little ones and I don’t have an endless supply of money (or time) to spend on supplements and training. I need things that work fast and things that can fit into…Read More

Deadlifting Tips

Here are some vital Deadlifting Tips Give them and go and post your feedback below Mark

Not Tuna

Tuna has been a staple of the hardcore bodybuilders diet for decades. Its been embraced and loved by so many fitness experts and dieters because its not only high in protein – its cheap and convenient. It’s…Read More