Top Trainers Collaborate

In case you missed it… Kat Eden and I have teamed up to give you two very informative pod-casts. Listen Now Here’s a snapshot of what Kat covered: The very tricky topic of female fat loss…Read More

“Possibility Thinking”

Are you achieving your health and fitness goals? If the answer is no, then keep reading. I have something for you that can help guarantee your success. The concept is called “Possibility Thinking” However the magic occurs…Read More

News Years Kick Start!

Watch this quick 2:16 video: Order now Hey guys, Here’s the first real post back after a wild 2010! And guess what? It only gets better! The reason its taken a little time to send this…Read More

Leg Day – A Lesson in Self-Talk

By MaXimus Mark Its Leg day.. again! Yay! Whoopy, a chance to test my true strength. I feel like shit, I cant be arsed, I feel like going home, I ask myself, “why do it to yourself?”…Read More

The Law of 10% (Life Long Change)

Create Life, Long Change… By MaXimus Mark In this article I wanted to cut through the bullshit that holds so many people back. Even if you don’t fall into the category of people I describe – you…Read More

Have You Improved?

By MaXimus Mark As the comp season for 2010 has ended Ms Olympia, Janet Kane and I got talking about friends who have made monstrous improvements in the years just gone and those who just seem to…Read More

Aidans Transformation

Aidan Guyett’s transformation working with MaXimus Mark (video) I started training with Mark in January of 2009 and started getting results that I only had dreamed about. I’d been in and out of gyms for 7 years…Read More