Heavy Metals Detoxification and Chelation Therapy with Australia’s Leading Integrative Medicine Doctor

Hey-Hey Folks, Today’s podcast is one for the ages. I can guarantee you will not find a better article or podcast about heavy metals and chelation therapy anywhere else on the web. Why? Because today I present…Read More

Blogging; Today it means something

It’s been way too long between blogs, that’s my bad. But on the plus side, at least I’m not blogging for the hell of it. I like to blog when it actually means something… And today it…Read More

Functional Testing : What Tests To Run To Accelerate Results

Hey hey Folks! It’s Maximus Mark and today I am back with another podcast! Copy and paste this link in your browser to listen to the full interview: https://maximusmark.com/media/Functionallabtesting.mp3 Problems downloading: Old versions of Firefox do not…Read More

(Quick Rant!) Why sugar is bad for you…

The two leading causes of obesity in the western world are, in my opinion, the over consumption of trans-fats and sugar. Sadly, due to disguised ingredients, you might not even be aware you’re eating them even if…Read More

Tough Mudder Training Tips (Melbourne)

These were the fitness entry requirements for Tough Mudder 10km run 25 push ups 6 pull ups 45 metre swim Sweeeet!! I’m in!! I probably need to increase my running sessions but otherwise I should get through….Read More


If you’ve attended our Eat Your Way To Abs Seminar you would have tasted our gluten free Fruit and Nut cookies. This is another simple fail proof recipe that cannot go wrong and takes minimal time to…Read More