How to Overcome Binge Eating

The best thing to do is to reflect back on the moment you binged… Were you experiencing helplessness or defeat? Perhaps you felt like you weren’t really getting anywhere and thought, “what’s the point?” Thoughts and feelings…Read More

Advanced Detoxification & Muscle Testing (with Bob Guiel)

I met Bob Guiel through Charles Poliquin. Charles had brought Bob on tour to teach advanced detoxification protocols and muscle testing. What a week! Learning from both Bob and Charles opened the door to a very successful…Read More

Andre Benoit: The Teacher of World Class Strength Coaches (1 hour Podcast)

Andre Benoit, what can I personally say? Actually a hell of a lot… The first time I met Andre was at a BioSignature course. I had a heap of questions but was too scared to ask Charles…Read More

All Female Classic Highlights

Team Enterprise Fitness had a GREAT weekend at the 2013 All Female Classic! Belinda Carusi won the novice fitness model Shereen Oliver won figure international and Enterprise Fitness trainer, Nicole Paparousis won both the intermediate and the…Read More

Scott Abel Podcast!

Hey-Hey! It’s Maximus Mark and today I have for you a very special interview with Scott Abel. Scott is in his 4th decade of coaching. He is an empowerment coach, life coach and counsellor and works from…Read More