How To Lean Out Your Legs

‘Spot reduction’ and targeting ‘trouble areas’ has long been deemed a myth. 100 crunches a day won’t get you washboard abs – the way that 100 glute bridges won’t get rid of stubborn leg fat. The answer…Read More

John Meadows on The Enterprise Fitness Podcast!

Sit back and relax while Enterprise Master Trainer, Reece Adams interviews Bodybuilding and Hypertrophy expert, John Meadows in a 90 minute long, no holds barred interview.

How to stop feeling guilty about food.

Q: “I feel really guilty about eating certain foods. What should I do?” A: Guilt is the worst emotion when it comes to food. Why? Because if you eat something when you’re guilty what do you do?…Read More

Deconstructing the worlds most successful strength coach, Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin. Internationally renowned strength coach, teacher and mentor to thousands of strength coaches and personal trainers around the world and todays guest on my podcast show. My first meeting  with Charles was when I was fifteen-sixteen,…Read More