Stiff Legged Deadlift

The stiff legged deadlift is one of the best movements to work both the hamstrings and the lower back. However it is a shame that too few gym goers perform this movement correctly. From shifting the weight…Read More

Maximising One Arm Row

Mark explains how to perform a one arm dumbbell row in this one and a half minute video The one arm dumbbell row is great exercise for working the upper back. The problem with the way traditional…Read More

Have You Improved?

By MaXimus Mark As the comp season for 2010 has ended Ms Olympia, Janet Kane and I got talking about friends who have made monstrous improvements in the years just gone and those who just seem to…Read More

Got Milk?

Watch the video below: There is this idea that milk is healthy and beneficial and under certain conditions it can be. However, those conditions are currently illegal. “Milk is good For You” How many times have we…Read More

I am Healthy, Strong & Confident

The first time I met Mark was during my Personal Training course at AIF, he was a lecturer there. Mark was down to earth in his approach and gave me a sense of confidence that he really knew…Read More

Water… Bottled or Tapped?

Bottled or Tapped? The Drinking Water Conundrum You Need To Know By Maximus Mark Author of The Truth About Supplements Series and Eat Your Way To Abs, Maybe this isn’t the ‘IN’ topic right now, but oh…Read More

Behind INBA Ms Olympia (FULL STORY)

By MaXimus Mark “Second? What do you mean second? She is damn near perfect!! No! She is perfect!“ The head judge carefully replies, “Her symmetry is slightly off, you need to bring up her legs,” he says….Read More

Poliquin PICP & Venice Beach

Training From Another Continent  – 7 Things an Aussie learnt in Canada and the US Well, what can I say? I travelled 24 hours by plane to go to a Charles Poliquin’s seminar and train at Muscle…Read More

Push Up and Jump (Training Video)

Push Up and jump video, how many can you get in 60 seconds??? This is a killer for your cardio… and beats the hell out of a treadmill!