Vitamin Water

I’m still trying to figure out if Vitamin Water is for real… Try this on for size… Next time you go to pour yourself a fresh, tall glass of pure water, add six teaspoons of sugar to…Read More

Learing from Charles Poliquin Part 2

Lets pick up from where we left off last week… 3. Gluten is REALLY That Bad I’ve been telling people to lay off gluten for fat loss reasons for years! However it goes much deeper than that……Read More

Got Milk?

Watch the video below: There is this idea that milk is healthy and beneficial and under certain conditions it can be. However, those conditions are currently illegal. “Milk is good For You” How many times have we…Read More

Water… Bottled or Tapped?

Bottled or Tapped? The Drinking Water Conundrum You Need To Know By Maximus Mark Author of The Truth About Supplements Series and Eat Your Way To Abs, Maybe this isn’t the ‘IN’ topic right now, but oh…Read More

History of Trans-Fats

Mark talks about the history of Trans-fats. Taken from Eat Your Way To Abs Seminar 24th of July 2010 in Melbourne, Australia

Not Tuna

Tuna has been a staple of the hardcore bodybuilders diet for decades. Its been embraced and loved by so many fitness experts and dieters because its not only high in protein – its cheap and convenient. It’s…Read More