Episode 1 of The ‘Untitled Show': How To Overcome The Odds

Meet Richard.

Richard has been training at Enterprise Fitness for quite a while now, and he’s an absolute gun in the gym.

As a student in the acting industry, he has raised some great questions on:

  • The importance to have your own style
  • How to be confident in a world where people will judge and scrutinise you,
  • What to do when doubt creeps in and you start to doubt and question yourself.
  • How does one go about building up their one unique profile in a world where originalist is hard to come by?
  • Where do you draw the line between looking up to someone as a role model, and unconsciously trying to become an exact carbon copy of that person, at the risk of losing your own identity?

 In this first episode of my ‘Untitled Show’, I will be delving deep into these topics, and share my thoughts about overcoming the odds when everything (or everyone) seems to be standing in your way.

One more thing…


I would love for you to listen to the podcast and if you have any ideas for a cool name, let me know! Email info@enterprisefitness.com.au. I’m giving away a free consult or training session with me for the person who comes up with the best name So it only feels right to to have you – the audience and the feature of the show – decide what it’s going to be called!


If you want to jump on the podcast with me and have a session one on one with me, please apply now here >> https://enterprisefitness.lpages.co/mark-call-in-show/

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