Social Media and Its Influence

People are often trapped by the boundary conditions of their thinking and it’s societal norms that often validate and concrete those boundary conditions.

For centuries the Church gave power to the Crown and the Crown to the Church. In the modern era, it’s now the State (government) giving power to the media and the media back the government.

However, we kinda threw away that system with the invent of Social Media. Applying the understanding of Universal Laws; specifically, The Law of The One and the Many; the power is either in ‘The One’ or ‘The Many’.

The traditional ‘Media’ was “The One”. 20 years ago, if you were on the news, you were basically famous (maybe not famous-famous but you know what I mean).

Nowadays, the media is fractionated in the many. The power is dispersed amongst billions of users creating their individual media experience.

So as a result; less people care about one thing and more people are actively involved in many things.

So today; instead of “The Church” creating and “The Crown” enforcing idealisms upon us, we create and enforce them upon ourselves with the media and boundaries conditions we create.

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To paraphrase a famous writer whose name has escaped me;
Imprison their bodies, there will be rebellion.
Imprison their mind; they’ll never know.

One thing is for sure, the world has changed. From Media, to social, to currency.

Protect your mind and the idealisms you subject yourself to. Be aware of ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’ and ‘have to’s’.

Catch yourself and move towards, ‘want to’, ‘choose to’ and ‘love to’.

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Mark Ottobre

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