Find Out How to Beat the Bloat with Muscle Testing!

Hit a plateau but can’t tell why?

Maybe it’s your nutrition. Or supplementation (or lack of it). Or your facecream/bodywash/shampoo…

Muscle testing is a quick, non-invasive tool that can give you the answers. It relies on applied kinesiology to determine nutrients, foods and supplements that is optimal (or not!) for your unique biochemistry.

In fact, we have used it regularly to perfect our client’s comp prep, fat-loss protocols, or simply to just maximize nutrition and supplementation holistically – and achieved great results!

We will be holding a Muscle Testing Course here at Enterprise Fitness on the 2nd and 3rd of September, where you will be able to learn muscle testing and practice it immediately!

Hurry – spaces are limited! Sign up now!

Muscle Testing Personal Trainer Mentoring Nutrition Supplementation Course Melbourne

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