The Fitness Industry Has Its Own Fidget Spinner

12-week body transformation packages. Weight loss challenges. Online training… They all have one thing in common with fidget spinners – they’re trends that eventually die down.

This is the problem with most personal trainers. They jump on the latest ‘trend’ and then spend so much time trying to sell them on social media.

And as a result, they just spin around in circles but don’t see any growth in their personal training business.

For years, Enterprise Fitness has maintained a consistent 230+ sessions weekly, training a range of people from athletes to competitors to people who just want to get in shape.

This is not a trend – it’s consistency. Consistency that was built from proper business practices and principles.

It pains me to see personal trainers not invest in themselves, and make the same mistakes over and over again. Having gone through the ups and downs for a decade in the fitness industry, I believe it is my purpose to help personal trainers from all over the world raise the standard of the personal training industry.

Therefore, I will be holding a 2-day Personal and Professional Mastery Intensive Course for Personal Trainers, sharing my experiences and practices in building my successful 7-figure business, including Enterprise Fitness and Wolfpack.

As I don’t want price to come in our way, this one-off event will be offered at an early-bird rate of only $497 – that’s 75% off its normal price (i.e. $1997)! However, this offer has to end, and it ends on August 20th!

Are you ready to revolutionise the fitness industry?
For me, I was born ready.

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Personal Trainer Mentoring Program

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