Are You ‘Purchasing’ Clients?

As personal trainers, we are working in a ‘people’ industry. That means, to get clients, you need to reach more people. And in the age of social media, online marketing and sales will inevitably form an important part of your business.

The problem is, so many trainers these days make social media the FOCUS of their businesses. They spend too much on things like Facebook ads and Google profiles, and end up ‘purchasing’ clients, when they should be focusing on getting results for their clients.

Because in the fitness industry, results are everything – they’re what your clients are after, and they’re also the thing that will ultimately bring you business growth.

I was once a “wannabe online marketer” too. I made the same mistakes, and they costed me. But I learnt from those mistakes, and after years of hard work, I went from earning a measly $16.75 per hour to leading a 7-figure business.

Watch this video to find out why your marketing isn’t working…

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