Enterprise Fitness on Channel 9 News!

Did you watch the news on Friday night?

I was featured!


And what a story! Channel 9 News came to Enterprise Fitness and asked me to comment on a new study regarding body dysmorphia in males. In this survey, it showed that over 55% of boys aged 12 to 18 experience self-dissatisfaction or want to change parts of their body. The concern being young boys who hit the gym obsessively or even take substances such as steroids or other performance enhancing drugs because they don’t feel ‘man’ enough.

Growing up, I was always labeled as “the fat kid” so I know how it feels. In this video, Channel 9 presenter, Emily Rice, interviews me as they thought I could be the shining example of how to become a healthy person and overcome body dysmorphia.

I’m extremely grateful to be featured in such a great story.

Follow this link to check out the full report and if you love it, share it!

Mark Ottobre
Enterprise Fitness

P.S. Have you experienced body dysmorphia? Perhaps we can help. Email me back with your thoughts or questions so we can continue to create future videos or presentations to help more people in need.

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