Wolfpack Didn’t Build Me a 7 Figure Business But Gave Me Something More!

Nathan Barker shares what it was like with Mark Ottobre as his mentor as part of the Wolfpack 2016 Program!

Nathan Barker Wolfpack Mentoring Program 2016 Mentor Melbourne Personal Trainer

12 months of Wolfpack didn’t build me a 7 figure business, nor did I want it to.

It gave me CONFIDENCE. In my current experience level, with both how much I know (and also don’t know).

It made me a better COACH. It has helped me become a better communicator in all vital areas at work and at home.

It gave me SCALABLE SKILL. I’m huge on this. Being able to implement something small, but able to keep the same system and just grow it out as things get bigger. Not having to start all over.

These last 12 months gave me the ability to build a 7- figure business, or anything I choose really.

Thankyou Mark Ottobre for all of these lessons, and the many others that I have not mentioned. It was an amazing 12 months with a great crew of people!

The ONLY fitness business course in this country run by someone of integrity and still doing the damn thing at the highest level!

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