Never Would I Have Dreamt That Saying ‘Yes’ to Someone Would Stimulate So Much Change Within Myself

Fabian D’Amore reviews his year as part the Wolfpack mentoring program!

Fabian Damore Melbourne Personal Trainers Ria Metisis Wolfpack Mentoring Program

The lovely Ria and I (plus my mustache.. how aesthetic is it ?! ) reflecting on our life changing 12 month rollercoaster of development led by Sir Mark Ottobre; asking probing questions and discussing our life’s;

    1. Purpose
    2. Identity, who we are and how we see ourselves.
    3. Beliefs & Values, what we believe and the values we stand strong for.
    4. Capabilities, with our new skills what we are able to achieve and all the chaos we can take order of throughout our life.
    5. Behaviours, actions we need to take moving forward to ensure we stay true to ourselves and what has already changed within us.
    6. Environment, what needs to, or can we change about what and who we surround ourselves with… You are a product of your surroundings!

I never would have dreamt that saying one word… ‘Yes‘, to someone I didn’t know at the time, would stimulate so much change within myself and lead to so many amazing connections with like-minded people.

Fabian D’Amore
Class of Wolfpack 2016 (and also renewed for Class of 2017!)

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