What Are We Going To Do Today Dad!?

I have a new business goal, its called “what are we going to do today Dad!?”

For so many years I have worked towards the business, the studio, the staff, the automation, the knowledge, the results…. And today I have it.

You would think I would be happy…

Whist being “pushed” towards making more money, impact, getting better results and just generally being better, I had a meltdown. I had enough.

I started my day with guided mediation, the guide said, “you can have whatever you want”…. All I saw was my family and I playing in a park. Then the guide said, “now its time to leave and walk up the stairs” and all I could think is; I don’t want to.

“I don’t want to… I want to stay here…”

I tried splitting myself in two. I tried moving up the stairs and all I could think was, “I want to be with my family. I don’t want another set of stairs (or goal), I want what I have.”

So this week, I’ve been locked inside a house with 5 other business owners and 2 amazing business and personal mentors who challenged and encouraged me to be more and do something I have always wanted but been to scared to…

Develop THE 12-month mentoring program for elite personal trainers.

After two days of releasing the program, it’s already more than half full. I should be happy and excited except I woke up so angry, frustrated and scared… Is this really what I want? Less time with my family, more money, less fun!?


On the verge of breakdown, my mentor Gulliver pulled me aside and got me to shoot a bow and arrow. Missing shot after shot, I wanted to give up but I persisted because that’s what I do… ‘Never quit in spite of your feelings’. After a few more shots, I hit the target with ease and that’s when he said, “what’s going on”…

Missing my family, tired and unsure of my new venture I wanted to give up.

Gulliver reminded me of the person I am, the person who includes his family in his work and cant separate the two. The person who will always be working towards something, working towards excellence in all areas of life. I broke down and said, all I want is to spend more time with my family and I’m scared if I do this I’ll have less of that.

Gulliver said…“Why… You know Frank Kern?

He designed his business to have four days off and all your asking is for two days a week?! Why not five?! If that’s what you want… Lets build it!

Why not wake up everyday and have your son look at you with excitement in his eyes saying;

What are we going to do today Dad? What are we going to do today?”

So my new business goal is not about money, recognition, growth, ROI or results…

I’ll never stop working because I love what I do. So as long as I’m working I’m going to do it on my terms…

All I want for Christmas is for my son to ask me… “What are we going to do today Dad?”

Mark Ottobre

P.S. If your interested in learning more about my mentoring program, email [email protected]

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