“Hey Mark, I am desperate to lose weight. How do I make it happen fast?”

Melbourne Personal Trainer Mark Ottobre

It’s not a nice thing to witness, someone desperately wishing a part of his or her body away. Yet I experience this a lot, in fact most days.

Most often it’s with competitors one or two months after they step off the stage. Tired from a brutal comp prep, drastic weight gain has left their health and psych in a bad way.

I also see this a lot in young women. Under instruction from a glossy magazine they starve themselves to appear thin. Once they tire of the hunger and fatigue and return to eating what they please, they are left baffled by the newly formed cellulite and excessive fat gain on their thighs and knees.

I hate seeing the angst in their eyes. They feel like a fraud. ‘I used to be fit,’ they tell me, ‘Mark I need to lose weight and I need it to be quick.’

They want to lose weight and they want to lose it fast. In fact they want it just as fast as they have gained it. But that is impossible, and I am not Jesus.

I give the exact answer that I know they don’t want to hear. Trust me, I know what it’s like; I’ve been there too, groping at illogical reasoning for a quick solution. I tell them, it will take time.

But what many of these people don’t understand, well at least not a first, is that time is one thing we all have, and time is our friend. Because with time comes long-lasting change: change that is going to stick. It’s expected that as you change the foods you choose to eat, your metabolism and body shape will adapt accordingly. This is simple biology really. But perhaps more importantly, when you change what you put on your plate, with time your mind will change too.

In time, you will learn to value your body. And for the first time in a long while, you will feel good. When in Optimal Health you will understand just how amazing your body is designed to feel.

You won’t fret over the menu or pause at the counter, staring woefully at the shiny wrapped bars. You will make the right food choices each time, every time, and as a result you will be in perfect shape all year round.

Lessons are not learnt overnight. Alas, they are learnt with time. If you want to lose weight, time is your friend; it is your money back guarantee.


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