Someone Please Think of the (Diabetic) Children

Worried brother sought my help for his 14-year-old sister who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 8.

As an 8 year old, I don’t believe anyone told her “everything will be ok”. In fact they told me the longest consultation they ever had with a GP was 5 minutes and in 6 years they spoke about food ONCE. That was the 5-minute consultation.

Mark Ottobre Melbourne Personal Trainer

So here you have a condition called ‘diabetes’ which is all about controlling blood sugar and insulin… So naturally instead of recommending more insulin to ‘control’ blood sugar someone with over four years of ‘university education’ would think, hey, this girl is 8, we should teach her about food so she can control her blood sugar and not have to use so much insulin which will no doubt set her up for multiple health risk factors as she gets older.

In 6 years, I was the first person to teach her how to track blood sugar, food and insulin… Together… (Wow, what a novel idea! I think I deserve some sort of prize for this one… I mean seriously, common sense anyone?!)

The GPs simply got her to track insulin irrespective of food and liquid intake. Her blood sugar has continued to go up in the past few months. When she went back to her GP she was simply told, “use more insulin.”

However the most alarming thing I noticed was how hard it was to get this girl to smile (I mean seriously, even with my good looks and charm!)

But I cracked her. When I told her, “everything will be ok”… My friend, Derek Boyer competed as a strongman as a diabetic and actually became Australia’s Strongest Man. It was like a light bulb moment went off in her head, “so you’re saying I can live a full life as a diabetic?”

Here’s a novel idea, instead of raising money for research on type 2 diabetes (put down the donut)… fund proper education programs for kids who have type-1 diabetes.

But there’s the catch… What needs to be taught isn’t inline with “the government guidelines”.


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