Meet Bree Walker. I’m Training Bree for the Olympics.

Melbourne Personal Trainer Mark Ottobre

Meet Bree Walker.
I am training Bree for the Olympics.

For the moment, her spilt squats are never good enough… BUT by the time I am done, they will be perfect!

I am constantly pushing her knees out and putting her upright. Her knee stability has improved amazingly in 8 weeks. (Almost ready to share the video before and after)…

In training elite athletes, YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS!

Who am I kidding? We apply this level of attention with all our clients at Enterprise.

Melbourne Personal Trainer Mark Ottobre

You also might be wondering why is my arm right under her chin pushing her shoulders back? (picture at the top)

This is to ensure Bree hits a full stretch position (which you can tell by her face, she loves.) As a hurdler, her hips to be mobile and strong.

Bree’s training is going well, stay tuned for future updates. I’m not letting her do anything cool until we get the basics right.

Until then… Keep spilt squatting!


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