There is No Such Thing as Making It.

The one thing I have learnt about ‘making it’… There is no such thing. Only higher levels of chaos and order. Sorry if that doesn’t fit your hedonistic idealisms. For every time you make it, you can bet, you have broken something or created huge amounts of chaos in your path.

But its ok, you will soon master that chaos only to bring more order which will inevitably bring more chaos. Its called growth… or life.

So you see, its your addiction to order that inhibits growth. Or the fantasy that “one day” you will “make it”.

Melbourne Personal Trainer Maximus Mark“Making it” is the delusion sold by ‘motivational experts’ who have never truly been successful… Other than the success that comes from selling you lies… Which in most cases is millions and millions of dollars but still not the understanding why you cant look yourself in the mirror and ‘love thyself’.

Dr John Demartini taught me this lesson many years ago. As a delusional young man, I didn’t want to believe him.

So that’s what I have been reflecting on today… You?


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