Coaching Commonwealth Gold. What Really Goes On …

Melbourne Personal Trainer Andrew & Mark

I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to help Andrew Moloney with… And before you get your panties in a knot, full credit goes to 1. Andrew 2. His boxing coach, Brian Butler from East End Boxing.

I’m Andy’s strength and conditioning coach, but the job title I prefer is: Manager of Athletic Development.

I say athletic development because ‘strength coach’ implies I just get him strong. I really see my role as creating the body that enables him to fight the fight he wants to fight. If he wants to go in close, he has the power, if he wants to work angles, he has both the conditioning and mobility.

The current program I have developed for Andy is focused on getting him stronger whilst maintaining maximal mobility. Creating strength whist maintaining maximal mobility in my opinion should be the ‘kings jewel’ of athletic development. Creating strength with no regard to mobility creates an athlete who is now strong enough to break themselves.

Melbourne Personal Trainer Andy & Mark Ottobre

The reason I am proud is because I took on Andrew months before he even made the Commonwealth Games team… So as you can imagine, when he won Gold in Glasgow, I really felt a sense of accomplishment in the process I had created bring together so many theories and philosophy into a practice that worked.

Andy remains undefeated in his pro-career and is currently in America showing off his skills.


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