Thoughts This Australia Day…

I grew up in a primary school were Ibrahim was a common name and new parents off the boat tried adapting their kids names to Western Culture by naming their kids after popular movies. I remember a set of twins at school, one was named Ocean, the other Eleven (I’m not joking either).

What makes Australia great is its a blend of the best parts of the world. If Australia didn’t have multiculturalism- we really would be a hick country filled with ex-convicts, where everyone would be more or less the same. We would all share the same views and on a whole, we would all be less cultured.

Happy Australia Day Mark OttobreInstead, we really don’t have to go far to experience authentic and traditional foods and understand (if we are willing) a plethora of cultures and backgrounds. This should be celebrated, and that it’s all at hands reach in this country.

My wish this Australia Day- is for all young Australians to stop idealising people abroad. Using the example of sports… In America, you have a population of 317 million vs Australia’s population 23 million. Needless to say, America has a better chance of dominating world events like the Olympics as they have a bigger gene pool of talent to select from. Consider for a minute that Australia holds it own on many world fronts and industries. This is remarkable considering our smaller pool of talented people.

Andrew Moloney

My client Andrew Moloney won Gold for Australia

We have some pretty amazing people right in our backyard and just because they are down to earth true-blue-aussies, people don’t give them as much credit as their overseas counter-parts. This Australia day, take a moment to realise how great this country is and the fact that if you don’t like it, you’re able to leave anytime. Some countries don’t even grant you that. And yes, Australian hip-hop is grossly underrated and deserves way more respect and air play.
Happy Straya Day!

Feel free to share my Straya day message if you feel the same.MarkP.S. Enjoy some Aussie Hip-Hop this Australia day…

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