Voids Create Values

I don’t think any one wakes up in the morning wanting to be less?

As we work towards our goals and achieve milestones, its completely normal to be no longer driven by that goal.

Example, if your goal was to compete and win, and you compete and place 3rd, it’s normal to be no longer driven by that goal of competing and winning. (Not something that everyone wants to admit.)

It’s our voids that dictate our values and once we start to make our voids in life smaller, so does the motivation to fill those become (smaller).


Sometimes we set goals from a place of pain. Examples;

I don’t have enough money.

I’m not popular.

I’m unattractive.

Sometimes we may even begin our goals as a “F%#K YOU” to the people who made us believe these things. However, once the pain is gone, so is the motivation. Once you have fulfilled the void, life’s focus changes and people are left confused as to why (insert actions towards old goal here) doesn’t give us the same thrill.

Remember this; Pain will push you until the vision pulls you.

If you come from a place of pain, you may achieve your goals. Nothing less, nothing more.

If you come from a place of inspiration and a perspective of ‘what is possible’, (not just for you but for others), doors will open up almost magically, things that use to be perceived as ‘effort’ will now be effortless. You will move from a place of distress to eustress. From here, what you create is almost magical.

Life was not meant to be easy; it’s the challenges that make you grow and its thought experience which builds a character worth knowing. However, I would much prefer the challenges I get to take on rather than the challenges that face me.



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