Why Supplements Are Necessary for Weight Loss and Optimal Health

Q: Hey Mark, I eat a really healthy diet. Why do I need to take supplements?

Great question.why supplements are necessary for weight loss

First, lets define what we mean my supplements.

Are we taking about weight loss shakes, fat burners and ‘miracle’ muscle supplements… No.

What we are taking about are supplements that improve overall health. They may include, multi-vitamins, fish oil, magnesium, Co-Q10 and things to improve digestion.

I have a great presentation on my 10-set DVDs explaining this in depth, check out a short clip here: 

In a nutshell, our soil is greatly depleted. Our soil has less vitamins and minerals than decades past due to modern farming methods. The most common fertilizer used is NPK, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. That’s 3 minerals out of 57 to make soil ‘ideal’ for optimal vitamins and minerals.

So modern farming depletes the soil, the solution; modern supplements to compensate.

I am one of the biggest ‘natural foodies’ you will meet, I enjoy grass fed raw meat, butter sourced from specific farms, and eggs from chickens that have the lifestyle of the rich and famous. What sold me on the use of supplements is the wellbeing of clients and the ‘right’ blood work… Let me explain…

I have lost count of the amount of clients that have reported improved sleep, digestion and overall wellbeing using very simple supplements. Call it a placebo, I would rather use a placebo and have a result than be stuck in the same place.

Blood work: Having a wife that can read bloods and tell me what’s going on in my own health really helps! It allows me to test things on myself. I recently had my RBC (red blood cell) zinc and magnesium tested and found that I was less than optimal. I mean, I didn’t have a ‘deficiency’ but what it has allowed me to do is dose my supplements more specifically to me. I can see in my bloods the affect of vitamins, minerals and herbs have.

The only caveat I have about supplements is, when purchasing, make sure you buy a practitioner brand. If you can buy it from the supermarket its no good… Cheap supplements are expensive.

If you want more on this, check out Disc 5 on my DVDs.

Till then, supplement smart and if you liked this post, share it.


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