Why Diets Fail and How to Achieve a Weight Loss Mindset

What you eat is so much more that just ‘what you eat.’

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Whoever said ‘you are what you eat’ was right. There are so many reasons for eating. And what we eat is often a reflection of values.

Ask yourself: do you value food as a source of abundant energy and health? Or, do you have memories wrapped around certain foods, and because those memories haven’t had closure you’re actually ingesting memories not food.

So, you set yourself a new goal and make the active decision to go on a diet. As a result of this diet, you feel deprived. You miss the taste of your favorite treats, but more importantly you long for the nostalgic emotions and feelings of comfort that accompany those foods. As a result, emotion intervenes and temptation prevails. Your diet fails.

The solution? Don’t diet. Eat for a purpose.

Whether you want to look good, or to set an example for your children. Maybe you want to maximize your body: to fuel yourself in the right way. Decipher this purpose and eat accordingly.

Remember, what you eat is much more than just what you eat. If you want to get results then you must push yourself to deal with old issues. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to move toward excellence.  

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