The Best Foods to Eat for a Healthy Breakfast

What you eat first thing in the morning often sets up your eating behavior for the rest of the day. Eating a healthy meal first thing in the morning is telling your brain, ‘yes, I am going to make good choices today.’ I find that by taking this approach soon it will become a habit and you can’t help but make excellent choices.

There are many different levels that I can answer this question. In considering any nutrition advice, one must first consider the context in which it is said. This is something that most people get confused with.

What I mean by this is that the same piece of advice can be totally wrong dependent upon the person it is being said to. For example, eating meat in the morning can be a great piece of advice for someone looking to get results fast and wanting to step it up. However, it can also be too much for someone beginning his or her journey into health and fitness.

For this person, starting the day with eggs or a green shake with a variety of different vegetables maybe just the thing they need to ease them into a fitness lifestyle. Maybe in a couple of months they will be able to stomach meat first thing in the morning.

The ideal breakfast is one that is high in protein and no; I don’t mean protein shakes with oats. Protein shakes hit the blood stream way too fast to be considered a sustainable breakfast. A meat-based breakfast is great because it will fill you up for longer. But then again, if you just can’t stomach meat, eggs are a great choice and shouldn’t been seen as a ‘lesser option’.

If you’re constantly getting sick, or are a busy person who needs ‘never get sick insurance’ a high protein breakfast is a wise choice, as the first thirty grams of protein you eat for the day will go directly towards immune function.

Also, if you want better energy first thing in the morning, without the dips at ‘coffee o’clock’ one to two hours after breakfast, choose a high protein breakfast, as it will stabilize your blood sugar instead of having a sugar laden cereal.

A protein-based breakfast is not a new or radical idea. It is only radical to western civilization that for the past 70 years have been eating cereal and bread in the morning. But know that a protein-based breakfast satiates appetite for much longer than a grain or cereal based breakfast. I mean have you ever noticed that people don’t tend to binge on steak or boiled eggs?

For me personally, I start my day with eggs, lamb mince or a juicy steak. I never eat anything unless it’s absolutely delicious.

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