Brain Picking with Derek Woodske – World Class Strength Coach (Required listening for trainers and strength coaches)

I have had the pleasure of not only being taught by Derek Woodske, but have also had the pleasure (and pain) of being trained by him.

I achieved this deadlift training under Derek’s guidance;  (235 kilos, 205kg weight/30kg chain weight at a weight of 85kilos)

Shortly after this, I pulled 215kg for a triple at the same body weight. What can I say, what Derek says ‘works’.

Derek is world-class strength coach. He has trained world-class athletes and now teaches strength coaches around the world how to get the most out of their athletes using proven methods that he has gained from his own experiences both as an athlete and as a strength coach.

Derek is the founder of A(man)imals guide to the Universe, senior instructor for The Poliquin Group and presenter on the topics of strength conditioning and sports performance. Prior to lecturing, Derek was a former strength coach in the NCAA and NFL and represented Canada twice as a member of team Canada.


What your about to listen to is a completely candid Podcast with Derek. We talk about his career, how he got to where he is, athletes he’s trained, Cross-fit, BS training systems that people buy into and so much more.

If you’re a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach- this is what I would call – REQUIRED LISTENING.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or consider yourself a gym junkie, you will love the information in this podcast. It will explain a world of training that is built on getting real results with absolutely no BS.

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