What are your barriers to (mental) fitness? Discovering the secrets of Mind-Body

One of the things I am often complimented on is how I work with clients on their ‘mindset’ as I train them.

One of the missing variables in many personal trainers toolbox is how the ‘mind’ works. Over lunch, my dear friend Calina and I discussed ‘the difference that makes a difference’. We both agreed, that in any industry, people’s results magnify when they align their goals to their values. But first, one needs to uncover their values. If they have what’s called a ‘values conflict’ there can be much pain associated to reaching their goals.

We literally got to talking about values, goals, values conflicts, benefits vs. drawback of triumph and tragedy for hours and I thought to myself… we need to do a podcast

So I called up Calina to have a discussion about mindset and to offer you (my dear listener) some pearls of wisdom that you can implement today.

About Calina

I first met Calina when I was lecturing at the AIF. She was a bright-eyed student who told me she was also studying law. I thought she is either going to make one very smart personal trainer or is on a path of acquiring information to do something great with.

Calina asked me ‘what other courses would you recommend?

Me: John Demartini’s Breakthrough experience program. It will change your life!! (We’ve also had John on the show, check out previous podcasts)

Little did I know, that course dramatically changed Calina’s life…

CalinaO is the founder of Apogee Mindset Consulting, a global mindset consulting firm servicing over 11 countries today. She is a Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator and Professional Speaker who has consulted for hundreds of clients globally; particularly in the areas of business, wellness and leadership.

Having worked as a Lawyer, C.H.EK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner and Personal Trainer, Calina has acquired experience in corporate, entrepreneurial, non-profit and academic sectors giving her a unique edge in managing complex cases and delivering highly individualized services for maximum results.

CalinaO’s mission is to empower individuals with authentic health and inspire the world to harness mind-body potential.

Download the full podcast with Calina and I here

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In this podcast we cover:

  • Three important mindset principles that everyone who wants to be in shape should know.
  • Having an “all or none’ mentality and simple steps to overcome.
  • How guilt and low self esteem affect your goals and what to do about it.
  • The illusion of perfection.
  • Plus so much more!

Maximus Mark

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