Join us at Australia’s premier 3-day internship for Personal Trainers!


Hey-hey folks!

It’s Maximus Mark Ottobre, owner and director of Melbourne’s premier Personal Training studio, Enterprise Fitness and here is your official invitation to learn from me privately…

Most of you know who I am so feel free to skip ahead. If you’re new to the site, read below:

My name is Mark Ottobre (Maximus Mark). I started in this industry as a sole-trainer employed by Genesis earning a measly $300 per week. Today I own my own private personal training studio and have a fabulous team who are like the real life Justice League of personal training! (I buzz being batman!)

Our studio is decked out with first class equipment… and when I say first class I picked the premier option for everything, from our bars, to our racks to the bumper plates to the fans that shoot out water mist!

And how did I get there you ask? Doing what I love, personal training and nutrition. I did not build my business as an Internet marketer (I tried) but after many failed attempts, I went back to what put me on the map, getting results for clients!

These results have included training and coaching the 4-time Ms Australia, 3 time Ms Olympia, the current welterweight Australian champion (boxing) and a ridiculous amount of fitness, sports and figure competitors to stage where they either win or place (as well as everyday folks who have had enough and want to transform their physiques for good).

Our internship program:


I have a true passion to educate and inspire personal trainers and strength coaches and help them enjoy some of the success that I have been able to enjoy – there really is no other reason why I run these. As my wife said at our last internship, I am in my element teaching and presenting.

The internship is my way of giving back to the industry and helping to raise the standard of trainers everywhere.

Our last internship sold out within two days and the feedback was amazing. Check out some of the reviews below:

David Gonzalez (Melbourne):

Kathie Nisbet (Sydney):

Scott Trestrail (Adelaide):   

Fred Masse (Melbourne):

Troy Benson (Adelaide):

Terri Batsakis (Melbourne):


Day 1: Training and Programming

  • 2 training sessions
  • How to program for beginner and advanced clients
  • How to program and prep competitors
  • How to conduct an easy and effective structural balance test
  • Understanding Tempos
  • How to create the right training effect
  • Differences in training for muscle and strength
  • Plus LOADS more!


Day 2: Nutrition

  • 2 training sessions
  • Basic nutrition principles to teach clients
  • How to coach clients (and actually get through to create massive change)
  • How to write a “comp diet” that works (and without starving your client!)
  • Difference between male and female coaching (nutrition)
  • Nutrition and Supplementation for general clients
  • Nutrition and Supplementation for competitors
  • Step by step what to do with clients pre-contest nutrition
  • Q and A about classes’ nutrition problems
  • Plus LOADS more!


Day 3: Business and Success Principles

  • 3 training sessions
  • Values, understand self in relation to others
  • How to plan and assess your life
  • The art of selling (and communicating)
  • Marketing for Personal Trainers (what works and what doesn’t)
  • How to package up your services
  • Q and A about classes’ business problems
  • This day alone will pay for the course 10 times over AND change your life.
  • Please note, the above is only an outline of what we will cover. As there are only 10 spaces the class will be very individualised and will include Q and A sessions so you walk away with a deeper level of understanding.

Sneak peak inside the internship (training session 3):


June 6th 7th and 8th (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

  • Thursday the 6th of June: 8:00am till 6pm
  • Friday the 7th of June: 8:30 am till 6:00pm
  • Saturday the 8th: 9:00am till 5:30pm


Enterprise Fitness

381 Swan Street, Richmond,

Melbourne, VIC

The investment:

Be quick as we can only take 10 people for this program and it will sell out!

BOOKED OUT – EMAIL [email protected] for future course listing

Payment plans available, email [email protected] or call 1300 887 143 otherwise use the link above to pay in one installment.

This program has a 100% money back guarantee that if you feel we have wasted your time, you will get your money back.

AND YES! The price has increase since our first internship. As it was the first and we wanted to insure we had the format right and content. Now that we know what its worth our fees are reflective of that.

Further questions:

Do I get a certificate for attending this course?

Yes, at the end of the course, provided you participated fully in each day, we will issue you a certificate of participation.


As the owner, I get to call the shot’s, so we will have the facility setup for the 3 days for attendees.

Hope to see you guys there,

Maximus Mark Ottobre


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