3 day-super intense-internship-workshop for Personal Trainers


As you may have heard on Facebook, we have just opened our private personal training facility in the magical suburb of Richmond (Victoria).


Believe me when I say, no expense was spared in the setup, from our uber high-tech fans, to the mega-tron scales, everything is first class… The way it had to be to earn the title of Melbourne’s premier Personal Training facility.

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People keep asking me, what am I going to do to celebrate? For me, there is no better way to celebrate than by spending 3 days with trainers from all around the country wanting to learn from my experiences. From my failures and mistakes to what eventually allowed me to open Melbourne’s premier Personal Training facility (AND pay it off in full in the first month.)

And how did I pay it off? Doing what I love, personal training and nutrition.

So it’s with pleasure that I announce we are running our first ever 3 day-super intense-internship-workshop specifically for personal trainers.

I have run many seminars, all over this great country, but one thing I have never run is a private internship-workshop for trainers covering everything from nutrition to training to how to run a successful personal training business. These three days will be “the whole kit and caboodle“.

From the amazing response I have already received on Facebook (and only having 2 spots left in the April course) we have set two dates:

April the 25th, 26th and 27th

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Firstly (and just in case you’re already sold and want to skip ahead to sign up), the internships are limited to just 10 people per class. The April course filled up with one Facebook post, so if is something you want to do, be prompt! (scroll to the bottom for the register/payment link)

What it will cover:

Overview of the internship:

Day 1: Nutrition

  • Basic nutrition principles to teach clients
  • How to coach clients (and actually get through to create massive change)
  • How to write a “comp diet” that works (and without starving your client!)
  • Difference between male and female coaching (nutrition)
  • Nutrition and Supplementation for general clients
  • Nutrition and Supplementation for figure competitors
  • Supplementation protocols for boxing
  • Step by step what to do with clients pre contest nutrition (both figure competitors and sports)
  • Q and A about classes’ nutrition problems
  •  Plus LOADS more!

Day 2: Training and Programming

  • 3 training sessions (be ready to train)
  • How to program for beginner and advanced clients
  • How to program and prep female figure competitors
  • How to conduct an easy and effective structural balance test
  • This day will be very practical and most of the day will be spent in the gym.

Day 3: Business and Success Principles

  • Values, understand self in relation to others
  • How to plan and assess your life
  • The art of selling (and communicating)
  • Marketing for Personal Trainers (what works and what doesn’t)
  • How to package up your services
  • Q and A about classes’ business problems
  • This day alone will pay for the course 10 times over AND change your life.


Each day there will be a training session in the morning.

Days will start at 8:00am and finish at 6:00pm.

Please note, the above is only an outline of what we will cover. As there are only 10 spaces the class will be very individualised and will include Q and A sessions so you walk away with a deeper level of understanding.

If you have ANY questions, you can email [email protected] (if we don’t get back to you within 24 hours, it means we didn’t receive it.)

Or call the Enterprise Fitness hotline on 1300 887 143.


It will be run at my newly opened facility, Enterprise Fitness, 381 Swan Street, Richmond (Melbourne, VIC)

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As the owner, I get to call the shot’s, so we will have the facility setup for the 3 days for attendees.

Hope to see you guys there,

Also, connect with us on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/enterprisefitnessaustralia

Let me know any questions, you can message us on our Facebook page.


P.S. Will we hold future events like this… To be honest, probably not exactly like this. In the future we plan to hold more events but they will be opened to both serious trainer and personal trainer and the business day will be replaced with more nutrition and training. So if your a trainer, don’t miss this opportunity.

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