Primal Food Cooked and Delivered To Your Door!


I have teamed up with Stuart from Primal Food to give the readers of Maximus Mark and clients of Enterprise Fitness a “done for you food package”.

Primal Food is like “meals on wheels” but for people who are REALLY into health and fitness. In fact, you could do a whole comp prep using nothing but the meals Primal Foods supply. There are so many meals to choose from, beef, salmon, chicken, omelettes and with a serving of either greens or salad. They also do sweet potato and rice for those of us who need a little more carbs.

ALSO- everything is cooked in coconut oil!!

If your a time poor individual like me (or your just too busy to cook) this is a fail safe option to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.

The bad news:

Primal Foods only service people in Melbourne (great news if your a Melbournian like me!)

Here are the Enterprise Fitness approved packages:

3 x Meals Package

3 x Meals Package (1 Month)

5 x Meals Package

5 x Meals Package (1 Month)

If the direct link doesn’t work, email Stu about the Enterprise Fitness packages.

Check them out and let me know what you think!


P.S. Feel free to call Stu if you have further questions, if you do end up signing up, tell him the Maximus one sent you :-)

Email [email protected]

Phone: 0401 589 774

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