The Art & Science of Biochemical Individuality


One of my friends and mentors, Mark Schauss is coming to Australia to run his 3-day workshop on lab analysis. Mark wrote the book Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World.

As soon as I found out that he was coming, Kristine and I signed up immediately! Mark Schauss is “THE GUY” in lab analysis and this is the type of course that I usually have to fly half way around the world to attend, so when he said he was coming to Melbourne, it was a “no brainer.”

In this course you will learn:

  • Learn about all the amazing information available in a standard blood chemistry and how to apply the information to improving body comp, increasing fat loss and achieving optimal health.
  • Amino acid testing and how to extract the maximum benefits from it that can help stimulate better muscle production, improve sleep, increase HGH production naturally, optimize neurotransmitter and hormones and much more.
  • How to use urine organic acid testing to optimize nutrient intake and improve detoxification.
  • Use over 40 case studies including elite athletes, weekend warriors and individual’s with different chronic disorders.
  • How to reverse Type II diabetes and reduce symptoms from many inflammatory disorders.
  • Learn how to reverse cognitive decline, improve concentration and memory.
  • How to properly test for a wide variety of toxins and what are the most effective and safe means of detoxifying.
  • How to turn off a person’s food craving using specific amino acids. Using this same technique you will discover how to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease.
  • An introduction to the most advanced hormone testing ever devised. We will be showing this test off for the first time anywhere in the world in Australia!!!
  • Of course, much, much more.

Hope to see you guys there, check out the details here

And for further info on Mark, check out his blog or listen to the podcast I did with him here.


P.S. Please note, I do not get any commissions (or even get the course at a discounted rate) by promoting this on my blog. I really believe in the work Mark Schauss is doing and its an honour to help him promote his course in Melbourne.

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