The Queen of Lean : Figure Comp Prep

By Amanda Brown, The Queen of Lean

Dear Mark,

I knew when I decided to take on the challenge of competing in a Figure Comp needed a good coach and I am so glad that I found it in you.

Amanda’s Progress in pictures:


















Right from the beginning you organised with my training programs, concise with your instructions and I always felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do for that particular phase.

Aside from achieving amazing results I would have to say the best part of training with you is I never felt like I was just an object that needed to drop body fat, you respected that I was a person that has emotional feelings and you supported and coached me both for my physical transformation but helped me to work through an emotional hurdles and kept my focus strong.

I know others that were preparing for a Figure Comp at the same time as me who were left drained, depressed and not making it to where they wanted to be.  It was interesting to be side by side these people and knowing that I found the experience enjoyable, rewarding and most of all felt that this approach to training was healthy effective and getting me stronger with every week that went by.

Thank you also for the mini lectures in Biosignature and I loved that our training sessions sometimes would turn into a mini seminar on adrenal fatigue or PCOS and that you are so  willing to share the wealth of information that you have learn over the years.

Aside from all of this I thank you for believing in my ability I think that is the main thing that made me a champion.


Queen of Lean

BioSignature Practitioner
Master Personal Trainer
INBA Miss Novice Physique Champion

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