American Food – How To Make Billions of Dollars…

American Food – How To Make Billions of Dollars…

So here I sit in one of Americas trademark restaurants, the iHop thinking to myself is everyone retarded or am I just smarter than everyone else…

At the iHop- making the best out of bad situation!

WOW! They have a “fit and slim” menu, 3 pancakes instead of 4….  Common, people don’t really buy that “health meal/menu” stuff do they?

Well by the looks of people (and their ever-expanding waist lines) yes they do.

The one thing that amazes me about America is just how slick and smooth businesses’ market their products. Not just the food industry, but every business. Even at the hotels, the attention to advertising in the most unusual places such as Dominos pizza at the back of my room key.  Who would of thought to put an ad there?!

But to the food industry…

I have to admit, the added sugar (which is an addictive substance) combined with the super slick food marketing is a winning combination IF you’re in the business of selling food products (not food).

One gets the new customer (the marketing) the other secures the customer with an irresistible-drug like product (the sugar).

In fact, according to Dr. Robert Lustig from UCLA (profession of pediatrics) it’s known for a fact that sugar consumption leads to more sugar consumption. Case and point, prior to 1975, before the advent of high fructose corn syrup, the annual profit margin of the food industry in the US was 1% per year, in other words consumption grew in correlation to population growth

Since 1975, it’s been 5% a year. Meaning an extra 4% is achieved through an increase in the sugar in food products.

Why does this happen? Without going into a whole “thing’ about it, it basically it works like this,

You eat something that triggers your blood sugar to dramatically elevate, in this case, let’s say iHops pancakes with ice cream.

As such, insulin is secreted from the pancreas to pull all that sugar from the blood stream (where it can do the cells real damage) and bring it into either the muscle or liver.

But hang on, we didn’t go hunting this morning so guess what, your muscles and livers glucose are pretty much full leaving only one other place for it to go…. And you guessed it! Your fat cells.

But here’s the kicker, because insulin always over shoots the mark it down regulates our appetite control hormone called leptin. Leptin is released from the fat cells and basically tells us…. “hey dude, your full”.

But when you up regulate insulin, you down regulate leptin or at least down regulate the leptin cell, example, you may actually be producing ‘enough’ leptin however the cell can’t “hear” what the leptin is saying due to the elevated blood sugar and insulin (otherwise dub, leptin resistance).

So your not only getting fatter with all the sugar getting stored in the fat cell, your also setting up a perfect environment to get fatter with the down regulation of leptin, your much more likely to overeat!

On a personal note, seeing the super slick menus of every American restaurant I visited, regardless if it was the iHop, Chillis or TGI Fridays, the menus were amazing pieces of marketing prowess, however the food did not interest me. Someone such as myself with real food values sees these things as kind of a joke. It’s like hey! They put 3 scoops of ice cream with their whole meal blueberry pancakes AND it’s on the fit and slim menu! Seriously, who would be dumb enough to eat that?!

Table behind me, we will have 2 of the blueberry pancakes and a chocolate milk… but no whipped cream on the pancake today thanks… (True story)

Palm hits forehead, duh! EPIC fail.

The things we take for granted…

Until next time,

Train hard, eat well and supplement smart!
Maximus Mark Ottobre

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