Thank You for the Seminar – Alexandra Large

Last week we ran a jam-packed two day seminar event in Melbourne. The goal with each seminar is to create a paradigm shifting experience for the participants.

Below is an email (used with permission) from Alexandra Large who flew from Sydney to attend the seminar in Melbourne. Here’s what she had to say about the two day experience:

Hi Mark , I just wanted to send you a personal message to say Thank You to you and the Enterprise Fitness Team for the seminar last weekend. It’s taken me the last week to realise exactly how much of a good impact it has had on me.

Before the weekend I think I was creeping towards a pretty dangerous place, I was becoming obsessed with food and my body. I would spend hours researching for different recipes that I would deem acceptable or could adapt into my diet, especially for treat meals. I would often find myself doing this on a Monday, even when I had just had a treat meal the day before and next wasn’t for another 6 days, it was like self torture. I would spend at least 10-15 minutes every day assessing every inch of my body loving and loathing different parts. This would all then lead to me often making bad decision, I would binge every now and again, or my treat meal would turn into a treat evening and of course following that I would beat myself up for doing so and not being strong enough to stop myself. But since last weekend thanks to you and the speakers you had at the seminar, every time I have thought about eating something I know maybe I shouldn’t, I have asked myself, will it benefit my goal to compete? Do I really want to eat it? and I haven’t. Even in such a short space of time I’ve found that the thought of eating the foods in the first instance have started to become less and less. I have really started to believe in myself and that I can achieve my ultimate goal….I will be a champion fitness model!!!

You have given me the confidence to experiment with my diet, I have added carbs into my diet for the first time in over 9 months this week and guess what I haven’t put a tonne of weight on!!

My mindset really has changed, I’m nowhere near the mindset of a champion yet but I am definitely on my way. I have you to thank for that.

I will definitely be attending the seminar again.

With so much appreciation

Alex xxx


Thanks for your email Alex, keep up your great work and we are looking forward to hearing of your success in the future.

Maximus Mark

P.S. Our next event is in Adelaide on September the 1st and the 2nd. Contact [email protected] for details

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