Heavy Metals Detoxification and Chelation Therapy with Australia’s Leading Integrative Medicine Doctor

Hey-Hey Folks,

Today’s podcast is one for the ages. I can guarantee you will not find a better article or podcast about heavy metals and chelation therapy anywhere else on the web. Why?

Because today I present to you “The Guy” on heavy metals, chelation and detoxification, Dr. Bruce Jones from the National Institute of Integrative medicine.

Before we get rolling its probably good to note that this show is aimed more towards BioSignature practitioners, Naturopaths, MD’s, nutritionists, Personal Trainers and other health practitioners. However with that said, if you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, your obviously smarter than the average bear so you will have no problem digesting this great info!


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In the health, fitness and wellness game there are a heck of a lot of opinions…Today’s podcast is not based on opinion, popular science or supplement sales. It’s the cold hard truth about how to detox heavy metals packaged in a neat hour-long podcast Maximus Mark style.

This show includes answers to the following questions:

  • What is heavy metal toxicity and best methods of testing
  • What to do if you have dental amalgams
  • Common sources of heavy metals
  • What supplements and protocols to use for safe and effective heavy metal detoxification
  • Plus much, much more

Dr. Bruce Jones Bio

Dr Jones graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1980.

Following three years working in the public hospital system he worked in General Practice for many years, where he specialized in counselling and chronic pain management.

His particular interests lie in post-graduate Medical education, the Integrative approaches to the prevention & treatment of chronic kidney disease and the best practice management of heavy metal chelation & detoxification therapies.

Bruce presently serves as Senior Lecturer in Integrative Medicine at the National institute of Integrative Medicine in East Hawthorn, and is a member of the International Society of Nephrology.

We were lucky enough to have Dr. Jones at our last Eat Your Way To Abs Seminar were he blew the minds of all the participants when he dropped massive truth bombs about the affects of heavy metals and just how to detoxify them. Today I get to share Bruce’s knowledge with everyone who has an Internet connection.

Enjoy the podcast!


also available on itunes!

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About The National Institute of Integrative Medicine

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine was formed by Professor Avni Sali, a pioneer of Integrative Medicine in Australia.

A Not-For-Profit, charitable organisation, NIIM was established with the help of community supporters to educate medical practitioners in Integrative Medicine and to conduct research into integrative medical treatments and technologies.

The in-house NIIM Clinic was established in 2009, providing the community with access to integrative medical doctors, complementary medical practitioners, and innovative therapies under one roof.

NIIM brings together the education, research and practice of Integrative Medicine to further its use and understanding in the general and medical community.

For further information, please see www.niim.com.au

For information about appointments and services, please see: http://integrativeclinic.com.au/

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine:
759 Burwood Road
Hawthorn East,
Melbourne, Victoria 3123

PO Box 3094
Victoria 3123

Phone: (03) 9804 0646
Fax: (03) 9804 0513

Email: clinic@niim.com.au

If you do contact the NIIM, do tell them you heard about them from Maximus Mark and this podcast. You wont get anything for free (neither will I) however it will help my chances of being able to do future podcasts! ;-)

Maximus Mark

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