All Female Classic Fitness Model Winner


Let me introduce to you a very dear client, Caroline Hutchinson.

Caroline had a very specific goal in mind; “win the All Females Classic Fitness Modelling division”.

She wanted to share her story and experience training with team Enterprise Fitness. Massive props to Enterprise Fitness trainer, Erros Chiodo for all the hard work he put into training Caroline.

When I first met with Mark, I honestly believed this was going to be a breeze.  After all, I trained daily and sometimes twice a day. From running, to boxing, dancing, group fitness classes and boot camp.  And my diet was pretty solid.  Needless to say my first consultation with Mark opened my eyes to just how unhealthy my current lifestyle was… my excessive exercise far outweighed my food intake which consisted of processed and sugary foods, gluten and dairy.  And while I was a mere 60 kilos, my body fat said otherwise.  I was what some would call “skinny fat”.

My end goal had always been to compete in the 2012 INBA All Female Classic contest.  In reaching my goal, Mark had asked on a scale from one to ten, how much I wanted this?  If one was poor and ten equated to getting out of bed at 3am to train if I had to (not that I ever had to get up at 3am), what would I be?

Without hesitation, it was a ten!  I wanted this more than anything.  I distinctly remember Mark asking me whether I was a lion or a cow… whether I hunted and ate my prey, or grazed all day.  Safe to say… I was a cow and a vegetarian at that.

In the weeks and months to follow, Mark and the trainers at Enterprise Fitness would transform my life.  Through hard work, sheer determination, consistency and the end goal in mind, I quickly found myself eating clean and training hard.  I went from weighing myself daily to weighing myself once a week, from three small processed meals, to protein rich based meals every two hours. And my much loved cardio sessions were quickly replaced with weight training, once a day.

From Mark’s “grocery list” to his training programs and supplement intake my overall lean muscle mass increased, my body fat dropped, and my weight remained the same.  Who would have guessed!  But nothing is without its ups and downs.  Training for a competition is physically and mentally challenging, but one thing Mark and his seminars have taught me is to Trust and Believe. Trust your trainer and Believe in yourself.

The day before the comp I found myself plagued with self doubt… had I done enough?  Through the support of Mark and the Enterprise Fitness Team, his beautiful fiancé Kristine, and my family and friends, I had to remind myself whatever the outcome, I’m already a winner, that I’ve managed to turn my life in to a healthy lifestyle, and I’m about to achieve my end goal.

Placing first in the 2012 INBA All Female Classic, Novice Fitness Model division far out weighed my expectations. Twelve weeks of training and a strict diet had come down to a mere few minutes. And it was worth every minute of nerves, anxiety and excitement. Whatever the outcome I was a winner and I deserved to be on stage. It made winning that more sweeter.

They say throughout life everything happens for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Meeting Mark and Kristine, and the Enterprise Fitness Team… is definitely for a lifetime!

Caroline Hutchinson

2012 All Females Classic Novice Fitness Model winner

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