Kat Eden of Women Incredible on Training with Mark

“I started training with Mark in 2011 after getting to a point where I was tired of looking after my own training and nutrition as well as everyone else’s! As a personal trainer and health coach myself for over 13 years I know all the ‘facts’, but that doesn’t mean I can always be objective or motivated.

As I’ve had several stages of feeling that way, Mark is actually about the 6th or 7th trainer I’ve worked with to achieve my personal goals, I go through phases where I’m happy alone and others where I know I need support.

I chose to work with Mark because I knew him from various courses and had noticed that he was very observant, asked smart questions in class, and seemed to care about his clients well being beyond just the physical results. Furthermore, in various positions I’ve held in the fitness industry I’ve mentored hundreds of different trainers, and so I like to think I have an eye for who is a cut above the rest!

What I found is that Mark takes personal training to a level that most trainers possibly don’t even consider. His approach is very holistic, in that he took the time to regularly check in on how I was going with nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, even business management. All of the things which do play a part in whether or not you might stay on track or slip off path a little.

Two things that especially stood out to me in working with Mark were how accommodating he was of me bringing my toddler to training sessions (she loves it!) and also one occasion when he sent me an email that was very relevant to where I was emotionally with dealing with old food and body image issues. I don’t think there are many guys out there that either get where women come from when it comes to body image, or want to!

Mark’s workouts are challenging, fun and varied, and his training is result based. I was able to check a few pretty cool strength goals off my list. To be honest my jaded view of the fitness industry is that most trainers see it as a means to some undefined end and are watching the clock, but to Mark helping people IS clearly the end game and the way he presents as a PT shows that.”

Kat Eden

High-performance Coach for Women


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