How to Make Pasta, Mashed Potato, Fritters and Tortilas… Healthy!

We all like yummy food! So here is a quick cheat sheet to give you a few alternatives you can use to make your food work for you.

Food Alternative Instructions
Pasta Ribboned Zucchini All you have to do is peel a raw zucchini. No need for cooking it, the heat from the sauce you put on the zucchini makes it go soft 
Mashed Potato Pureed cauliflower or pureed carrot. Simply steam the vegies, place in a blender with a small amount of water and organic butter and puree 
Binding agents for patties and fritters Coconut Flour and Almond Flour Coconut flour is pure coconut meat just ground up. It is perfect for chicken schnitzel and vegetable fritters.Almond Flour has a more plain flavour but just as good as coconut flour for binding together ingredients. 
Tortillas Egg White Crepes with Coconut Milk or Raw Cream  Be careful flipping the crepe over though as they are quite delicate
Cooking Oils and Butter Organic Butter, Coconut Oil, Ghee or Palm Oil Most oils when used fresh are good sources of Omega 3 and 6.It’s when they are heated and become unstable and oxidised, that they become toxic to our body.The butters and oils that I’ve listed have a high tolerance to heat, and resist oxidisation. 
Sugars Coconut Sugar,Xylitol


Raw Unheated Honey

These sugars are low GI, which means they won’t affect your blood sugar levels as much but they still should be used as a special occasion.Coconut Sugar mimics the Raw Sugar flavour and is great in Carrot or Chocolate Cakes and can be used as a 1:1 substitute. Xylitol is similar to your white sugar and can be used in for Shortbread Cookies, Sponge Cakes etc.Stevia is quite difficult to measure. I use 1 teaspoon for one cup of sugar but I have found it turns out different every time. So it may take it bit of trial and error.


Stay tuned for more cooking ideas to help give you plenty of variety in your food and keep you lean, strong and healthy all year round.

Happy and Healthy Eating :-)


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