The History of Bodybuilding with Randy Roach

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arthur Jones, Steroids and lots of Muscle!
Some would call it the “Golden Age of Bodybuilding”

In this Podcast Randy Roach and I discuss the history of bodybuilding. Randy is the author of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors which is a three volume set, each over 600 pages.

We discuss Arthur Jones and the whole Nautilus thing, I ask Randy if Arthur didn’t use the Mentzers for their experiments and used an average Joe, would you think they would have gotten the same results? Randy’s honest and frank answer will surprise you.

We talk about Arnold and the impact he made. Did he deserve the credit?

And of course we talk about the drugs at the time. Randy really says it as it was. How much drugs did they really use?

One thing is for sure, this interview is a MUST download for any muscle head (or fitness fanatic).

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