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The PMS, PCOS and Menopause Show with T.S Wiley

We live in a modern world with modern day convenience.

For example, a thousand years ago, there was no such thing as a 24-hour supermarket… Heck there was no such thing as a supermarket!

The seasons controlled our lives… In the summer, we got fat and made hay for the winter. In winter, we lived off what we saved in the summer.

The idea of a 150-kilo man or women would have been impossible one thousand years ago as there just simply wasn’t enough food to go around; and if food was plentiful, it would have been in the form of animals and plants; things that had very little effect on the magic fat storage hormone, insulin.

Enter the 21st century!

PMS, PCOS and Menopause are all accepted common conditions yet they are not normal. Even morning sickness during pregnancy is accepted as common, but it should not be seen as normal.

A couple of things that women can do today to support these issues are:

1. Supplement with Magnesium. I only recommend the Poliquin Brand. For a suffering female I recommend taking both Uber Mag and Topical Mag.

2. Sleep 8 hours every night in TOTAL darkness. No T.V, no mobile phone, no light what so ever. If you put your hand in front of your face you should not be able to see it.

3. Eat a low carbohydrate diet and control insulin. Download my Eat Your Way To Abs program for more information on how to implement this.

4. Test your Vitamin D3 levels and your Magnesium red blood cell count. Just make sure the person who interprets the data knows the difference between “normal” and “optimal”. Blood norms today are based on Homer Simpson not Elle MacPherson.

5. Supplement with Vitamin E. It’s the antioxidant of the uterus.

Ladies and Gentlemen, T.S. Wiley!  

T.S. Wiley is the author of “Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival” and “Sex, Lies and Menopause”. She is the creator of “The Wiley Protocol” which is a unique treatment for women suffering from menopause.  For more information go to

T.S Wiley is quite frankly a pioneer in the field of women’s health. However, I would like to remind the reader and listener, she is not a doctor and you take her advice at your own risk. We are not responsible for any decisions or conclusions you come to after listening to this podcast.

In this interview we cover:

  • The Truth About Menopause Symptoms
  • Action Steps for PCOS
  • An explanation of E2, E4 and E16
  • An explanation of PMS symptoms
  • How The Wiley Protocol works

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