I won Melbourne’s Strongest Man (Under 90’s Class)

Definition 352 and George Mariolis put on a spectacular day of strongman.

I competed in the under 90-kilo class and won 3 out of the 5 events and placed second in 2 of the events.

My closest competition was Simran Khaira who didn’t let me relax all day…

In fact, he won the first event, I won the second, he won the third, I won the forth… So it came down to the stones which I knew I just had to perform well… Thankfully I did to take out the title.

Below are pictures and videos from the events I competed in…

Farmers walk and Tyre flip race

Overhead Medley

Tyre Drag

Axel Deadlift for reps (190kg)

Stones (increase weight 80kg, 100kg, 110kg, 117kg, 120kg)

Under 90’s Presentation

Simram and Mark

Leading into Melbourne’s Strongest Man training partner and long time friend, Erros Chiodo and I made a pact that we both had to win our classes at Melbourne’s Strongest Man… and we did. The day after we celebrated with dairy bell ice-cream. Erros competed in the Under 105-kilo class and I competed in the Under 90-kilo class.

Mark (Under 90kg) and Erros (Under 105kg) Winners

Erros had a very rough start to the day, see what I mean by watching his overhead medley:

He recovered from this stack to take out the final event and put him in the lead to win his class… Check out his amazing effort on stones!

A HUGE massive strongman thank you to my loving partner, she made me the best celebration cake ever… It was a gluten free Macadamia cake and even said no. 1 Melbourne Strongest Man on it… (check it out below)

Maximus Mark

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