Interview with 3 time INBA Ms Olympia: Marie Saviane

Marie Saviane is one of the most decorated figure champions you could ever meet! With THREE Ms Olympia titles, FOUR Ms Australia titles and an Ms Victoria physique title! And to think, she only started training at the age of 35!

Up until the age of 35, she had never trained. She comes from a very traditional Italian background and was never encouraged to be athletic.

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Guest Speaker: Marie Saviane

Note: This show was actually record in 2009 (3 years ago)

Marie’s rise to the top stated when she was coming home from a holiday and saw a photo of herself and said “that’s not looking too good” so she decide to “get into the gym”. Her first experience was that she was “totally intimidated and gave up”. It wasn’t until six months after her membership expired she decided to give it another go at a different gym. Luckily good staff put her mind at easy and made her feel comfortable- Otherwise we may never have known this inspiring champion…

The first time she got up on stage she came second to a lady that had been training for ten years. Were most would be satisfied, Marie “can’t stand second place… in anything”. So she decided to compete the following year where she won the Victoria competition but then received second place at the Australian titles. The following year she won the Australian titles only to place second at the Ms Olympia- two years in a row! This of course lit a spark so hot that drove her to an outstanding collection of titles.

Marie starts dieting 4 to 6 weeks out from a competition and strongly relies on her weight training workouts to get her ready for contest. Her favorite thing to curb her cravings is a protein pancake and strawberries!

Maximus Mark

P.S. Download the show here: Interview with 3 time INBA Ms Olympia: Marie Saviane

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